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Cardiff based construction company, Cerrig Limited specialise in designing, repairing and building houses across the South Wales region. With a vast experience in commercial, private and council houses building and renovation, we have the confidence that your idea, your project or your house is in profesional hands with Cerrig. 

Our Property Expierence

Over 20 years of experience in construction industry comes with a lot of advantages for you, the client. when it comes to building or renovating your home or investments, It means we have the right knowledge to execute, due to the experience keeping our eyes on the prize (your desired outcome), we have built in our teams the ease to execute, adapt, change and work on tight schedule. 

At the same time, what 20 years of Cerrig experience in construction industry can offer you is the delivery of a great project in the finest of the details, making sure all the quality standards are meet, best materials are used and you, the custommer, get the best value for your money ant the warranty of a well done job. 

Cerrig Values


Eco Friendly Construction

At Cerrig, we value the soroundings and we try our best to be eco friendly in all aspects. We recycle properly and we try and use the most eco friendly construction methods and materials.


The Newest Technology Repairs

Old saying “If its broken, fix it, don’t throw it away” helps us double down on our first core value, Eco Friendly Construction, as well as help our clients save money on renewal of what can still be repaired with modern technology. 


High Quality Construction Management

Quality is a must, period. Quality building, quality materials, quality experience and quality management of all these aspects helps us better ourselves in your interest, on a daily basis. 

Years Established

Completed Projects

we never seek luxury and wealth we seek what they give, the feeling of joy and fullfilness.

Winston Churchill

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